Party Planning Check List

Party Planning Check List


Check List Item

Tips & Notes


Party Budget


Hall Rental

If you want flexibility and great rates for your occasion, often the best choice is to rent a venue with ample space, banquet chairs, tables, and convenient hours. The first step of any party is choosing the date and securing the venue. Now its time for invitations.



Choose something elegant or do it yourself. Find smart ways to save money by email cards, smart text messages, social networks, or phone call. Please feel free to ask for direction cards to include in the mail or you may copy and paste it from our website.


Videographer / Photographer

Choose a trusted videographer or camera man. If this gets too expensive then do it yourself with a digital camera. Capture the memorable moments.


Food and Drinks

Plan easy familiar foods. Cook your best dishes at home and/or have a licensed caterer provide you with the food of your choice.



Choose your color theme and then look for inexpensive things that fit in. Real or artificial flowers, lights, balloons, wall decor, party props, etc.



Dancing and live music or a DJ, is optional, depending on your budget. Background music is a nice touch. Occasions Hall has optional choices of rentals.
1. Projector Setup for slide show or video. Plug in your laptop and ready to play. —– $50
2. Lighting: You can choose our up lighting package to change the color of the entire room to your theme. ——— $75
3. Music: Use our professional in house sound system. Create a play list. Plug in laptop or mp3 player. ——– $100


Limousine or Car

Decide how you will arrive to the function and what time.





Choose a date that is perfect for you. Things to consider are the weather and the most important people that can make it the day of the party. Saturdays are usually the most expensive dates. Spring and Summer dates are usually booked well in advance. But its always worth a try to call for open dates. Last minute dates are usually a bargain. Occasions Hall will always try its best to work with your budget and prices.


Allowed Access times

Make sure you allocate enough time to set up. Call hall day before and make sure you notify the time you will want to come in.


Cutlery(Forks, knives, Spoons)

You can use good quality disposables, or rent real china and cutlery. It’s a hassle to return the rental ones, and you will be charged for missing items or breakage. 1. Plates 2. Spoons, Forks, Knives 3. Cups 4. Napkins


Buffet Set Up Space

For buffet setup you can either rent elegant chafing dish for a low price or use our 20 wire chafing dish racks to heat up and keep food warm. Bring chafing dish fuel.


Additional equipment needed

Make a list of all possible equipment you will need to bring from home.
1. Serving spoons,
2. Bottle Openers,
3. Paper towels,
4. Dish cloths.


Set up crew

Get volunteers to set up tables and chairs and decorate. Make list of people.
1.___________________________________________ Phone #________________________________________
2.___________________________________________ Phone #________________________________________
3.___________________________________________ Phone #________________________________________


Tables: guests, head, buffet/food, dessert, bar, gifts, guest book,

Decide on how many tables will be needed and how to arrange the set up.
1. Guests_________________ (Number of people)
2. Food for buffet_______________ (Number of chafing Dishes)
3. Dessert
4. Gifts
5. Guest Book
6. Main Table


Chairs, Tables, etc. included

Banquet chairs and your choice of 16 long tables.
16 x Long ——- 24″ x 72″ in length Each seat 6-8 people



Occasions hall can recommend licensed staff for service. Please ask for details if you need this.




Craft projects

Make things ahead of time that can be quickly set out as decorations, no last minute fussing, you won’t have time.


Party Props

Depending on your theme and type of party you can use props. Occasions Hall has optional choice of props for rental. Just ask for what you are looking for. Baby Shower chairs are $25 for plain wicker chairs and $30 for white rocking chair.


Wall Mirror and Ceiling

Use tape or thumbtacks that wont damage the mirror or chip the paint. You can also hang things that are not too heavy off the ceiling.


Table linens or coverings

If the hall rental doesn’t include table coverings, arrange for linen rentals from a party supply place or purchase banquet table coverings in paper.


Candles, Lights, Confetti, etc.

These small touches make a big difference. Be very careful with candles if you children attending the party. Make sure what you have planned isn’t too messy or the hall may charge extra clean up fee.